The best gents mustache and the body clippers, experts say

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SPOILER warning. Do not look you'll find, but hot saw "unusual", now on the Internet. There is an image in the Netflix channel forced "unusual", which is now loading, by which his character then 17-12 months-day Esther "Esty" Shapiro, a girl your wife Judaism Hasidic Satmar sect Williamsburg, Brooklyn, staring hard in the hand mirror, sobbing. Esty has recently been drawn away and off to a man she barely understands, and for each convention Satmar, an area of ​​women in the community needs an electric razor in mind Esty. Part zone, lengthy locks, auburn Esty is in pieces like feathers on the ground. Esty eye had fearfully, gaiters laughing through bit torrent cry. However, there are no stop. She hitched now. And features it is blessed ahusband own to find, to start a new life. This is just what a person does. In the future, a sheitel wig covers shaved spirit Esty. The image can be as striking as a result of the loss simpleness regarding his stomach wrenching: the independence of Esty, its window blind acquiescence to the legislation Judaism. Hers is not important because it is much approval obedient compliance, reluctant to submit. And an image that helps form the quest for Esty, where she is actually going to where she was. For Shira Haas, Israeli presenter who plays Esty, image - and shave his mind in real life - was a way to not more personality - to transmit and accept full ‘Unorthodox’ Star Shira backstory. "We shot this image of the first to take pictures of day," said Haas, who helps make his last home Phon Aviv.

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